lock of hair

piece of clothing

in this bottle do I dare

vibrations spike

steep in love

draw to me the one I like

9 nights go by

wish to charm

clouds be gone in the sky

gentle mix

love of potion

with you in mind this I fix

love is here

let it stay

the time is near

light his way

ere this spell is done

the moon above

fore morn’s begun

arrive my love…

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Are you afraid of yourself?

Easy Spellcraft

That might seem like a crazy question to most people, but not to the new witch.  Between the Internet, books, documentaries, and movies, new witches have been issued all kinds of dire warnings and told of many cases where magick and spell work have gone wrong.

Some new witches have taken these warnings so seriously that they are actually paralyzed with fear and are unable to cast spells at all.  It’s a sad thing, and shocking too.  How can you be a witch if you can’t cast spells?  You can’t.

I talk with new witches and hear their fears vocalized and honestly, I want to find the person who has filled their heads with this nonsense and smack ’em!

These new witches have missed the most important thing about spell-casting.  It’s all about intent!!!  Why on earth would I ever cast a spell that would hurt me?  When I…

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